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    • Fremder Benutzer. Helfen Sie bitte


      Ich registrierte gerade auf diesem Forum. Entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsches bitte…

      Ich möchte eine zweite Hand BMW 3er kaufen, aus Deutschland. Ich sah viele türkischen und russischen Händler, Sind sie sicher? Haben Sie von "Mannoun Automobil" gehört? (Mannoun Automobile,Höherweg 315, 40235 Düsseldorf

      Irgendein Rat?

      Mit Freundlichen Grussen,

      PS: Wenn jedermann englisch spricht, würde das sein gut… Gruss

    • Hi Ciprian,

      you will never find 100% security when you decide to buy a car on an internetsite like Here are some advice you should think about while trying to buy a car.

      Do you have the possibility to take a look at the car before you buy it? You should ask for a test drive. Take the car to a independent appraiser like DEKRA or TÜV and check the car there.

      I don`t know if you personally have the skills to decide weather a price for a car is ok or not. There are some hidden defects which can not be seen by non professionals.

      At least the here mentioned webpage has a legal notice so you know who is responsible for the webpage. I used google to gather more information about this seller but there seems to be no entries.

      So I suggest that either you have to count on your luck that everything will work fine without making a test drive personally or you try to go to the car seller by yourself, take the car for a test drive and check the car.

      Hope you find a nice BMW either on this webpage or maybe a local seller in your region.


    • RE: Fremder Benutzer. Helfen Sie bitte

      Hello and a warm welcome :)

      first of all we need more detail about you ande the car you propose to buy.
      I've never heard about that dealer, neither in positive or negative way.
      The best way to get an idea if you can thrust on a dealer: go to his office and look around - what you see is what you get...

      Ask in your language and we will try to help you.

      EDIT: I searched by google ... if you thought to buy without visiting and testing the car - my best wishes and good luck!

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    • Hello and thank you both for answering so quick!
      Thinking about what you guys written: even if i dont know how to buy a second car (i never did this before), if i go with it to Dekra, TUV or a BMW handler, can they perform all the neccessary tests on it?
      I was thinking that the best thing is to search for the car on, call the seller and establish a meeting with him, and than take the car to the tests...
      The thing i am worried about is: is it possible to check a history of the car using the VIN number? i mean, will Dekra/TUV/BMW-Handler notice if the car was damaged or the kilometres were modified? (i heard many people modify the kilometres).


    • Normally the Dekra/TÜV/BMW-Dealer should be able to see weather there was an accident or not. They know how an engine looks like after f.e. 50.000 km. And they are able to see if the paint has been restored or even if its painted a second time. They measure the paint an can tell you if its the originally paint or not.

      To be sure that you have the possibility to check the car with Dekra/TÜV/BMW-Dealer give them a call and ask for a date on which you can come with the car.

      I think its the best way to buy a car with a highness of safety!

      Good luck!

    • Yes, you are perfectly right. Well, on the 23rd of June i will come to Germany and buy the car. Until than, ill keep searching for the best deal within 25.000EUR.

      I will let you guys know what i bought!

      Thanks for the help. All the best!

    • Every bmw car-dealer is able to check out what is worked on your car since it left the assembly line - but only if it is done by bmw.
      But if there have been bigger damages on the car every car-expert will be able to notice that just by checking the car.
      If the kilometres are modified - there are several storage deviced in a car depending how old the car is..
      hey you haven't told us what type of bmw your looking about. Just give us some more details like how old the car is, engine, kilometres etc. it's easier for us to help you knowing whether ist a one year old car or a ten years old one. ;)
      At least buying a pre-owned car is nearly as difficult as buying a new one. it's just other aspects you have to keep in mind.

    • wat, i am looking for a BMW 320d E90 163PS, 2005 minimum. My other option is Audi A4 2.0 TDI, but to tell you the truth, in terms of driving-feel and car performance there is no comparison between a 2.0 audi engine and a 2.0 bmw engine. BMW is just too perfect (in my humble opinion).

      I got the chance past week to drive my friend's Audi A4 2.7TDI (model 2008, full option car - he paid for it 58.000EUR) and my other friend's BMW 320d 2006 e90. The handling was much better at the BMW. Even though Audi has better interiour quality, the BMW was great at acceleration and taking corners. Because the Audi has front wheel drive, the wheels simply can not put all that power on the ground when you do a kick-down acceleration. Don't you agree?

      So, even though the Audi was top quality and very good looking, i was more impressed with the BMW 320d....

      I am currently monitoring two adds on Also, if anyone here has the car that im looking for, for sale, dont hesitate to message me :)

      Here are the adds:


      Tell me what you think ... Thanks

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    • well i drove an a4 3.0 tdi before i bought my bmw... but it was a quattro - i can't compare :) bmw is famous for its engines - so don't compare tdi 170 ps to bmw 170 ps... but you drove a 2.7 tdi maybe with multitronic?? That is totaly different than everything else.
      Back to your adds:
      I would say the second add (Wesel - Privatanbieter) is the better car. it is younger, more interieur an less kilometer and nearly as expensive than the other car...
      it is on you to drop its price to your limit.

    • the Audi 2.7 i drove was multitronic. i had speed and everything, but for example, from 0 to 60km/h the BMW 320d was faster. Than the audi took the lead... and in the corners, there was no comparison, the beemer was much better.

      regarding the adds, i already negociated the price for the 26.000EUR BMW down to 25.000. the thing is both sellers are turkish... i am not a rasist or anything, but i've been told that germans are more trust-worthy than the turkish car sellers. thats why i was asking about taking the car to some tests..

      also i saw that the second car had Euro Plus Garantie. do u know whats that about?!


    • "Euro Plus Garantie" is the same as you will get from bmw bying a used car.

      If we talk about a one year old car - a new car is sold with two years of warrantee from bmw so there is still one year left. Maybe in the add this is meant by garantee - Maybe the car owner has bought another (third) year of guarantee. I am not quite sure, you should ask the owner of the car what it is about.

    • oh i see. i will definetly ask the seller about it.
      i already spoke with the owner but i cant make a real offer for the car since i can not come to germany until the 23rd of june. i hope he doesnt sell the car until than :)
      thanks for your advice wat! ill post again in case something new comes up or when i buy the car.

      all the best.