E93 2008' Retrofit Navigation CIC + Combox Media + BMW APPS+ Internet

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    • E93 2008' Retrofit Navigation CIC + Combox Media + BMW APPS+ Internet

      Last week we finished the interesting project in our Garage.

      We worked above the beautiful e93 2008 BMW white one include Preformance pack.
      We established the expansion of the car with the customer for the following options:

      620 - exchange of the CCC navigation for the CIC navigation with the hard disk
      6VC - assembly of the Combox module Media
      644 - starting the Bluetooth phone
      6FL - usb port in handrest
      6NR - Apps BMW
      6 NF - Video from Iphone on the CIC monitor
      VIM - Video in Montion
      614 - Internet in order to Bluetooth
      615 - online BMW

      We started work from conducting the diagnostics of the vehicle by ISID online and next we programmed the car by ISSS online to the newest available version softwares intended for this car.
      Next we installed and programming the complete CIC navigation containing the screen were a consecutive stage 8.8 "HD, the additional USB connector in the hiding place for gloves for the import of the music to the hard disk.

      We installed the new Combox module Media in the boot of the car and we added missing cables. We made the initiation of the new module, programming and encoding to the vehicle. We had to also replace the plate up to the phone (so-called Baseplate) to the model with the video exit and next we installed the appropriate original cable connection.
      The customer is a user of the iPhone phone of 4 , so we ordered SnapIn in the BMW and next we installed Media and we encrypted in the out.
      In order to start the APPS BMW we effected the import earlier ordered in the BMW of the FSC code to the CIC computer behind the mediation ISSS.
      After wrapping up additional amendments for iPhone of 4 and installing the ConnectedDrive BMW of the service started the application on the CIC screen. Additionally in the bookmark Radio an option appeared WEB RADIO - function is working only when iPhone of 4 is stuck in SnapIn.
      We started the option of the Internet and the BMW online via the parried phone call through Bluetooth.
      The effect curious about the assembly, the customer after choosing a PlugIn option in CIC receives the new graphical services iPod and after choosing the second USB port a standard menu appears BMW for the service iPod inclusive with the video function.
      With the last stage taking of the blockade the DVD – video in montion.

      Now we are working to change standard KOMBI to M-Power version ... I will inform next time..

      Bimmer Retrofit Österreich

      Wir gründen das neue Büro in Wien und wir sind angemeldet External Service der Partner BMW AG. Wir bedienen die Autos BMW der Serie E und F, der Mini des Diagnostikers ISID , die Codierung, die Programmierung ISIS Icom A+B+C , der Ausbau in die originalen Moduln BMW; die Modifikationen, die Konvertierung US - > ECE ; TV / DVD Freischaltung BMW CIC Professional E und F-Serie ; die Montage der originalen Navigation BMW CIC mit Festplatte ; die Codes fsc