N43 - es nimmt kein Ende mit den Problemen

  • Hello,

    i dont know the engine code 2C7E because i use the android app "DeepOBD BMW". There you have the origine BMW failure codes. try the app its a way better than others for the E9x series. If you have the same error as i had, you will have to replace the nox sensor. The nox sensor has two buildin sensors, nox and o2.

    best regards Christian

  • Ohh very quick responce!

    My problem is that i take error code p114c (Post Catalyst Fuel Trim Via Oxygen Sensor System Too Rich Bank 2) through my obd2 scanner (2C7E through bosch scanner).

    The mechanic told me taht there is problem on o2 sensor after cat and we have to replace it and also that my car has 2 o2 sensors before cat and only 1 after the cat.

    So we replace the 2nd o2 sensor but nothing change.

    So i read here that there is a 2nd o2 sensor which is buildedin to the nox sensor as you wrote above

    We didn't knew this!!!

    From your photos i saw that you fix some cables on nox and you move it more "out" from the exhaust.

    The problem was tha cables, the sensor, or the location that bmw placed it?

    Today i will go again to the garage to show the photos that you upload.

    Thank you.

  • The N43 has two oxygen sensors after cat. the first directly after the cats. And the second one is build in the nox sensor. Took me some time to find this error.

    I dont have a nox sensor in my car. It was replaced by Noxem emulator from Bimmerprof. The Nox values are simulated, but the oxygen sensor still needs to be there. I modified the mounting hole, because BMW set it near a not recommend position. If the angle of the position is to low water from the exhaust gases can condens at the heated sensor and destroy it within a few thoussend kilometres. So i cut it like shown in the pictures to set it in a better position.

    Hope its understandable what i mean.

  • You are totaly clear mate!

    I think that is difficult to find someone in greece who can make the procedure with the emulatora.

    Probably i will replace the nox and try to put it in different position as i saw to your photos.

    5 months now we cannot found the problem!

    I hope that thisi is the problem.

    When i finish i will write to inform you!

    Thanks a lot for your time and for your help!!!

  • Hi again.

    I booked an appoitment for totally disable of nox sensor and O2 sensor 2 bank 2.

    After a search I understoond that that the car has 2 sensor before pro-cat, 1 sensor between pro-cat and cat and one after the cat with double role (nox and O2)

    From all this thread I didn't understand one think. You replace your Nox with the noxem at the beggining (#1 post) but you didn't solve the problem.

    Then on #185 post you wrote somethink about Bimmerprof and that they didn't helped you.

    My question is that you installed the emulator from the begining, so why you didn't solve the problem and you lost about one year and a half?

    Probably I missunderstoond something from the previews posts.

  • It didnt solve the problem, because the noxem O2 probe fails because of water that destroye the O2 sensor only one year after purchase. After infound the reason, that the origine noxem has two build in Sensors wirch is the second O2 sensor i bought an cheap chinese O2 wiseband sensor. Its lasts one two or three thoussend kilometeres.

    Then i modified the sensor mount and bought a origine Bosch LSU 4.9 O2 Sensor that made for a dacia (cheapest variante with connector). Now it lasts around 4tkm and the engine still runs smooth and with low fuel/100km.

  • Hi again.

    First of all and very importand as Christian_scirocco told me

    ******** In some e90 the 2nd O2 sensor is builted-in in the NOX sensor *******

    So, after a lot of search I came to the conclusion that I had 3 options.

    1- Just to buy another new NOX and keep it until it going faulty again

    2- Replace the faulty O2 with NOXem and change the position of the sensor but with risk to take again fault for O2 sensor after some klms even if NOXem make it job for NOX sensor. (cost 350€)

    3- Delete NOX and O2 sensor. (cost 200€)

    Finally I decided to delete NOX including the second O2 sensor.

    The reason is that to delete NOX is not different from replace it with NOXem and this because both methods give the same results. They both fool ECU unit. NOXem provide a value that ECU want to read and it's not true (so you cannot understand if there is problem with nox cat) and NOX+O2 delete just say to ECU to do not use the NOX and the 02 sensor.

    Also I have to say that if someone decides to delete NOX sensor then also have to unplug it.

    The good news is that I don't have check engine light and the car now working totaly smoothy.

    I hope that my post will help other drivers.

    Thank you very much Christian_scirocco for your valuable help!

  • Glad to hear that you solve your problem.

    How did you delete NOX? This means programming the DME, liek a chiptuning?

  • Yes.

    Through obd port and reprogramming.

    I had the choice to delete only NOX or only 1st or 2nd post cat O2 sensor. (The cost was the same).

    So i decide to delete the NOX and the 2nd post cat O2 sensor (which works together through the same sensor) because I want to keep the 1st post cat sensor alive to be able to check possible problems that maybe occur to the feature.

  • Servus!

    Sorry, dass ich mich hier einfach so einklinke, aber scheint mir als wäre das ein passender Thread.

    Mein N43 (E92 320i) macht mir mal wieder ein paar Probleme, ich habe bereits alle Kerzen und Injektoren gewechselt. Die Injektoren wurden anschließend auch entsprechend im System eingetragen. Das Monster zeigt mir aber immernoch die gelbe Motorkontrolleuchte an und spuckt nun die folgenden Fehler aus:

    30E9 DME: Stickoxid-Katalysator, Alterung

    30EA DME: DeNox-Katalysator, geschwefelt

    2CAA DME: Lambdasonde vor Katalysator, Temperatur

    2C7F Lamdaregelung 2

    2CA6 DME: Lamdasondenheizung vor Kat, Funktion

    2C7E Emissionskontrolle des Sauerstoffsensors

    2A2B DME: Mischungskontrolle

    2C32 Lambdaregelung 2

    29F5 DME: Katalysatorumbau 2

    2C2B DME: Lambdasonde vor Katalysator, Systemcheck

    2C6C DME: Gemischregelung zum Katalysator, Systemcheck

    2A99 DME: Kurbelwelle - Auslassnockenwelle, Referenz

    Mir wurde nun dazu geraten, denn NOX-Sensor zu wechseln - Sieht mir aber nicht wirklich nach der Ursache des Problems aus.

    Habe an dem Wagen schon so gut wie alles durch und möchte jetzt nicht grundlos 500,00 Euro investieren, dachte mir daher ich frage mal nach.

    Eine Entschwefelungsfahrt habe ich bereits gemacht, die Probleme zeigen sich aktuell wie folgt:

    -Grundsätzlich ist die gelbe Motorkontrolleuchte an

    -Ab und an erscheint die Fehlermeldung Motorstörung/Leistungsabfall (gerne bei kühleren Temperaturen) und er fängt an zu ruckeln bzw. kann wirklich nicht die volle Leistung abrufen. Einmal Motor aus und wieder anmachen löst dieses Problem, er läuft dann wieder normal.

    -Nach längeren Strecken (Bsp Autobahn) ruckelt er im Stand und bei niedrigerer Drehzahl

    Der Wagen wird nur für den Arbeitsweg (ca 23km pro Strecke) bewegt und entspannt bewegt. Laufleistung liegt aktuell bei 188.000km.

    Wäre cool, wenn mir jemand Feedback oder eine Empfehlung geben könnte. Ist es wirklich ratsam, mit dem Nox-Sensor weiterzumachen?

    Viele Grüße, Dirk

    E92 Sparkling Graphite Metallic

    F32 Mineralgrau Metallic

  • Hi.

    I had 2C7E. Lambda 2. It's inside NOX.

    I belive that your problem is only NOX.

    It's easy to change it even by yourself if you can find a ramp.

    Also if you have a friend with the same car you can swap the NOX and check.

    I fyou want write the last 7 digits from your VIN number so i will be able to check if the NOX and the 02 are in one sensor.

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback!

    to swap the nox is a very good idea, I will change it at first!

    E92 Sparkling Graphite Metallic

    F32 Mineralgrau Metallic

  • Hallo,

    wenn mit Lambdaregelung 2 die Lambdasonde 2 nach Kat gemeint ist 100% der Nox Sensor. Ich lasse mir die Fehlercodes mit der BMW DeepOBD App im (BMW)Klartext anzeigen. Kann ich nur empfehlen.

    Ist der Nox Sensor komplett defekt/Stecker abgezogen geht die MLK nach dem Löschen wieder nach ein paar Kilometern an.

  • Hallo,

    ich habe leider genau dasselbe Problem, vor zwei Jahren wurden folgende Sachen erneuert:

    -Injektoren *BMW

    -NOX Sensor *BMW

    -Zündspulen *NGK

    -Zündkerzen *NGK

    -Lambda Sonden *Bosch







    Jetzt leuchtet die MKL beim Start, Auto ruckelt, folgende Fehler werden angezeigt:

    Motor: N43B20A, 150.000km

    VIN: WBAVF51080A095091

    2C31 Lambdasonde vor Katalysator, Trimmregelung

    29CF Verbrennungsaussetzer, Zylinder 3

    29D0 Verbrennungsaussetzer, Zylinder 4

    0303 Fehlzündg. Zylinder 3 erkannt

    30E0 Stickoxidsensor, Offset

    3104 Laufunruhe, Schichtladebetrieb

    2A2B Gemischregelung

    2096 Kraftstoffkorrektursystem nach Kat zu mager, Reihe1

    Würdet ihr mir den NOXEM Emulator empfehlen?